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A React project drawing on the popular OpenWeather API. Coupled with simple HTML and a clean approach to the CSS.

Who Told It Better

A React group project. Two API calls trying to answer the question, was the movie or the book better. Built with Router for pagination, and SASS.

project2 project2
project3 project3


A PSD conversion utilizing HTML and SASS. This project showcases the ability to implement a given design, and to create a responsive site adhering to that vision.


Hi, I'm Frank. As a photographer, I worked in the world of advertising, represented by one of the best "stills" production houses in Canada. That experience taught me the value of a good team, and how to work collaboratively with creative professionals to provide solutions for the client. I was lucky to have that career and the success that came with it.

All the long hours and many espressos later... I'm still searching for the perfect espresso. Over the last year, I decided to change course and have recently completed the front end development bootcamp at Juno College. I'm now a Junior Front End Developer. The only constant I know is change. I hope to help you make a positive one.

casual portrait with my son
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